More information about my prints and photography.

  1. How Do I Order the Prints?

    Easy. You can either use the Order process on the site or you can contact me and I will do it over the phone (or via email). In either case I will take your credit card information and have the piece shipped to you. You will get confirmation of every step of the process.

  2. Do You Charge Extra For Shipping?

    Nope. You get free shipping with every order in the US. Outside the US, it will just depend on the country.

  3. How Long Does It Take?

    The process is very quick. I will have your piece to you in 5-7 business days.

  4. How Are the Prints Made?

    The pieces are all printed on aluminum through a dye-sublimation process. Basically the ink is super-heated and bonds with the metal. The result is a piece with color and contrast that cannot be achieved on paper. Further, the piece is now durable. You can spill coffee on it and there won’t be a problem (but you should try not to do that).

  5. Do You Sell Paper Prints?

    Yes, but only at art festivals. Check out my upcoming shows and come see me.